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The Kettlebell Workout

Kettlebells come out of mother Russia. No surprise they have a long legacy of strongmen.  In the 14th and 15th century, wrestling live bears was the extreme sport of the day. The bear was penned. The man would antagonize the bear by banging a drum until the animal attacked him. The man usually won.

Any villager, no matter how poor, could pour cement into a cast iron kettle and have all the equipment he needed for super-strength and endurance. Developing the habit of flinging the kettlebell around on a daily basis,  gave many Russians the back, legs and core strength to excel in bear wrestling, weightlifting or the Red Army, where kettlebells figured heavily in basic training.

If the kettlebell is alien to you body, as it probably is, you’re about to discover a whole new level of hurt. Be sure to chose the right weight to avoid injury, but substantial enough challenge to give you some pain the next day. For women, that’s usually about 15 lbs, for men it’s around 20 lbs and 30. But a real man should be able to handle a 50 pounder in short order, or so I’m told. You will be able to add weight quickly.

If you’ve got bulging discs, don’t bother. However, if your back is merely weak, it won’t be for long. It tones the body like nothing else.  And even for hardcore lifters it’s a great new way to shock your muscles.

Take a class, or book a training session with me. And prepare to wrestle the bear.

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