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Portobello Steaks

Nothing is easier than this. Not even microwave dinners. Not even a peanut butter sandwich. Portabello mushroom caps, just cook them like a steak. Except it’s faster.

Throw a couple of Portobello mushroom caps on an oven dish, and splashed with red wine, cocunot oil, Nama Shoyu (or soy sauce if you haven’t got the good stuff), and Italian seasoning. You can also do them on a barbeque’s by marinating beforehand, and treating them like regular steaks.

Carnivores usually don’t know how to prepare vegetables. This is a great tragedy. Be careful not to overcook! If you do, the caps will shrink too much and you won’t get the right consistency. Remember, error on the side of cooking too little, and you’ll get them plump and juicy. ¬†They’ll melt in your mouth.

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You can cut up the leftover stem with garlic, basil, tomoto , and olives. Then coat the top with oil.

Put the mixture on top and broil for about five minutes..you can add some mozarella if you eat cheese and serve in wedges as a pizza

Thanks to Jane Anne Murray

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