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Ramping Up Raw With The Messaged Kale Salad

Only when the dual jets of exercise and diet are combined, does liftoff really happen in a permanent way. Too often you see progress hindered and limping along or see-sawing back-and-forth because the person is doing one but not the other.

Try raw for the most dramatic and inspiring results. Don’t think, I’m exercising now so my weight is going to start dropping in a few months. If it doesn’t start happening right away,  or almost right away, you’re simply not doing it right yet.

At first, it seems to require a little multi-tasking. But soon it becomes your normal routine. You work from outside in, through exercise, and the inside out, through diet, for a transformation that sticks.

There’s no other way.

This salad is a wonderfully tactile experience.  You wash your hands. The kale is soften not by cooking it, but by messaging in an avocado. It gushes between your fingers. Add a dollop of olive oil and apple cider. Chopped up red bell peppers, red onion. sea salt, peppercorn, pumpkin seeds. Super easy.

Eat and eat and eat. Eat as much as you like. It’s not going hurt you, or put on an ounce. And how could it not be magic for the bowels?

Ciao, Peter

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