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Feeling Good With Your Shirt Off Again

I lost 6 lbs last week. Here’s how I did it.

I stopped eating cereal. And with that went the Almond and Soy Milk.

Because sometimes I dine with my clients, I eat often. Even eating well, you get bigger. I wasn’t listening to my own advice. Of having one big beautiful substantial meal a day, and many mini-ones.

In other words, I was eating like a pig. I cut back a little on the amount, and just ate raw and cooked vegetables and fruit. A good trail mix. Portobello, fiber powder in smoothie, carrots with the bushy heads, celery, turmeric, Nama Shoyu.

My one main meal was usually a stir-fry. Cauliflower and zucchini, for example, in an awesome sauce, with say, chopped avocado on top.

I put my metabolism into fat burning mode just by eating raw and cooked vegetables. And fruit. It’s not hard to do because everything is delicious.

On Mother’s Day, I went out back to the porch in the sun. I folded a towel and placed it on this wicker 2-person seat to protect my back. I lied down with a pillow under my head. And, shamelessly, did my elbow-to-knee crunches.

I started off with sets of 50, resting in between to feel the sun on my stomach. Abs are different than other muscles. When you have muscle memory, they get stronger right away. I do 100 rep sets, 150 reps, eventually I did 600 reps.

What a wonderful pleasant meditation. My stomach was much tighter and flatter afterwards, remarkably so. You can’t buy that. You only get that with honest hard work.

At Panacea Studio. See you there. Ciao, Peter

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