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The Gault Diet

On the Gault Diet you get one complete meal a day. And many smaller meals. Exactly how many smaller meals depends upon your priorities and will power.

The main meal happens in late afternoon ideally. If this doesn’t fit your schedule, do the best you can. Try not eat your only main-meal of the day just before going to bed.

Go to bed a little hungry but be careful not to be too hungry, or you might loose the battle and eat something really bad.

Don’t set yourself up for failure. You have your pace. And when you’re ready to really go for it, you’ll know. Here’s a list of the minor meals. The main meal comes last.

1) Smoothie: No protein powder, milk, or Tropicana. Do one of      the smoothies I have on my website which is primarily fruit, greens, and filtered water. And herbal fiber mix. It’s the healthiest thing you can conceivably do. It soothes an acid stomach and hydrates beautifully.

2) Trail Mix: A proper one. Not roasted. Not salted. Cashews, cranberries, hazelnuts, etc. And go ahead, satiate those hunger pains.

3) 3 carrots, 3 cellery stocks: not the pre-cut carrots that come in those little plastic bags. Real carrots if not organic ones. Shred off the outer layer, rinse, and munch on them on the way to work. Celery takes even less preparation.

4) Peter’s homemade Chocolate. This super-food gives you a big energy boost, and satisfies your sweet-tooth. Protein pack, calcium packed. It lubricates the poop-chute. Better tasting than any store-bought chocolate without the sugar, preservatives, etc. You can only get them from me. $10 per bar

I could go on forever but that’s enough for brevity sake. This is basically a Vegan diet. But it’s flexible. Seafood is permissible for people who feel they must have some meat. Or on special occasions. Or because you happen to be on sailboat in the North Altantic and catch a wild salmon. Or if you’re holidaying in a place that has fresh catch instead of farmed fish.

Today, the main-meal is a transcendental stir-fry. Fry a few chopped carrots in coconut for a while before adding the rest of the vegetables. Red pepper, eggplant, onion, garlic. Don’t worry about having it on rice, or any other grain. This is your main meal. Live it up.

A delicious sauce takes it to the next level. Misu, tahini make good sauces. You can jazz them up with lemon and soy sauce, or you can find other sauces in the health food store or supermarket if you’re not sure about doing them yourself. Just check the ingredients to make sure you’re not getting MSG or other crap.

Easy, delicious, and not expensive.

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