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The Pleasure Principle & Chocolate Recipe

Has it happen to you yet? Catching your reflection in a passing window and thinking, who is that pissed off old man? Your father’s grimace etched into your own face.

That look of agony like you were just arguing about your bill with the phone company for the past two decades. Here’s how to un-inherit that foul expression.

In hot yoga, focus on relaxing your face and smiling. I call it hot, and it certainly makes me sweat, but I’m an easy sweater. At Panacea, it’s not make-you-pass-out hot like some places.  It’s pleasurably hot.

After a little while, suddenly, your smile blossoms and becomes genuine. The outside alters the inside.  You find yourself smiling at the wheel, and with awareness, catching yourself in mid-scowl.

Yoga is about un-writing the story etched into the face. It also alleviates the repetitive strain from too many spin classes in my calves, and challenges an old hamstring injury.

Below is the chocolate recipe I promised you. First, you need moulds. They’re not always easy to get.  I go to a chocolate-baking-supply store, and order the ones I want, because they have every kind of weird mould on site (hearts, boats, penis and testicles) but a regular bar. Or use ice cube trays.

Peter’s Chocolate Recipe
For 6 bars (5 ounces each, 6″X 3″ X 3/8″)
1 1/2 cups coconut oil (liquid form, may need to melt in oven)
1 cup cocoa powder. Add to blender with oil, and blend them.
1 cup hemp seeds (ground in a coffee grinder, they become more than a cup)
3 heaping tbs of cinnamon
3 heaping tbs of carob powder
1/2 cup o f pasteurized honey (1 tbs of stevia if your diabetic)

Blend. You want it so thick the blender looses its effectiveness. Pour into moulds until the tray is half full, add cranberries, spices, nuts, and bury the mix with remaining chocolate, put in freezer for a couple of hours, then pop the bars out of the tray and wrap them. This is refrigerated chocolate.

You won’t put on an ounce. You’ll get great energy. And the beauty of it is, it lubricates the poop-chute.

Later, Peter

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