Why Use a Dehydrator

For bread. For chips. For falafel balls. For all your meat-like substitutes that aren’t “fake” at all. Master the dehydrator, and you’re entered a rarefied stratosphere. Perhaps people ate like this thousands of years ago – before recorded history – and had lifespans of hundreds of years. They decided, hey, let’s try collecting plants and nuts today instead of the gory business of running down some poor creature. They slept in the forest – and dehydrated fabulous meals on a rock in the clearing.

If your diet is too spartan, you’re not going to keep to it. This diet about creativity, abundance, and taste (last but not least). This diet is luxurious. And you’ll find, after you’ve eaten (and this is not a word of a lie) your body tingles  The debate is over. There is no more disputing it. There is nothing healthier. Nothing  is going to make you look younger and more beautiful and thinner. And, when done properly, there is nothing more delicious.

I’m getting myself going. I think I’ll dehydrate something – and have a raw day this week. Have one with me. If you’re not ready to tackle the dehydrator, go to Rawlicious or Live for your main meal of the day.

And then, I’ll tell you something about using the dehydrator to your best advantage. But you still have to come to my cooking classes in the fall – after renos to the studio. You have to promise.

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