Personal Training, Hot Yoga, Core & Stretch. T-Zone & Hot Tub

Personal Training

A personal trainer instructs and motivates. And provides the structure fast-tracking the trainee to his or her goal; whether that be weight loss or bulking up or toning or joint health and flexibility, or fixing backs, knees, elbows, bettering circulation, or unlocking carpel-tunnel, lowering chorlesteral, or any combination of the above.

Improvef health is always the consequence. And looking better.

Panacea Studio recognizes the primacy of diet. Our approach is hands-on. We are the only studio in town that provides a smoothie before the workout, the workout itself, and a delicious gourmet meal to go or to stay after the workout.

Even with the meal our rates are better than any gym.

$60 (plus tax) with 10-pack, includes meal                                           $50 (plus tax) with 10-pack, smoothie but no meal

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Hot Yoga Classes – Wednesday nights 7:30 pm. (as of Sept. 26)

This 75-minute class is now hosting some of the biggest talents in yoga instruction. The “after party” includes a complimentary signature smoothie. That’s right, don’t adjust your computer monitor. These rates are real… for the time being.

$6 a class with 10-pack                                                                             $15 for single class

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Core & Stretch – Saturday 10 am (as of October 13)

Taught by Pietro himself. This is a grueling 60-minute ab-buster. You just do the best you can at whatever level you’re at. Your mid-section is guaranteed to be tighter the rest of the day. And sore for a few days afterwards.

Profound benefits here. Other than the obvious one of flattening your stomach. And getting rid of those stubborn muffin tops and love handles. The messaging of the underbelly does wonders for the intestines and organs, squeezing out toxins.

Same rate as Hot Yoga, and included in your package. Complimentary smoothie at the end of class.

$6 per class with 10-pack                                                                           $15 for single class

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T-Zone & Salt Water Hot Tub – Lazy Woman’s Special

Two sets of 10-minutes on the T-zone Machine. Half hour in the salt-water hot tub.

For those who want many of the benefits of working out without all of the hard work. The T-Zone machine machine jiggles away the flab and cellulite, literally, by bolstering the flow of the lymphatic system.

And does wonders of osteoporosis, arthritis, etc.. It was invented by Russian scientists for astronauts on extended stays in space who were experiencing weight gain, muscle atrophy, stiffening of the joints, etc.. These problems were reversed with regular use of what is now called a T-zone machine.

A salt-water hot tub provides instant and lasting relief to the back and joints, alleviates cramping, insomnia, and has a deeply calming effect on the entire nervous system. And just feels amazing.

$20 a session with 10-pack                                                                        $40 for single session

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Cooking Classes – to be announced

Get Fit and live longer with classes and Personal Training