Poker-faced or Drama Queen

The power of personal training is in its personalness. The exercises are delivered at an ideal level of intensity, and according to the priorities of the body and mind in question. You don’t get individual-specific strategy in a class.trainer

You discern the tendencies. Whether stoic or histrionic. The stoic doesn’t readily express pain, disguises it, or isn’t even aware of it herself. The histrionic is the opposite, a drama queen. She looks and sounds like its a dismemberment without anesthesia.

This is an important distinction. Some people need to be held back, some nudge forward. I don’t know how many times I’ve been told, wow so this what working out really feels like, what a difference from what I’ve been doing. Shows like The Biggest Loser not-withstanding, a positive support approach tends yield the best results.kb

Especially yoga, or any of the disciplines you’ve been avoiding, can awaken sensations alien to your body. A Nervous Nelly may be overly reactive, while a stoic may take unnecessary risks. Your personal trainer is an objective voice nudging you back on track, and solving  physiological issues.

Awaken your spinal flexibility at yoga tonight. Abs Class is on this Saturday. Weight-lifting Class is suspended for the summer.

Ciao, Pietro

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