Peter is a personal trainer and wellness coach.  He owns and operates Panacea, where he creates custom diet and exercise programs for his clients.  His programs encourage fun consistent exercise and diets which increase energy, immunity and longevity, tailored for the individual.

He is an ACE certified personal trainer, and is also a spin instructor at System’s Fitness in the High Park area of Toronto.

On, Peter blogs about a broad spectrum of health and fitness related subjects. This ranges from handy lifestyle tips to in-depth workouts, diet regiments and creative recipes.

Panacea is a spa, fitness studio, and cooking school. Located in the Runnymede district of Toronto. Services offered by Panacea include hot yoga classes, personal training,  saltwater hot tub, inversion table, one-on-one diet and meal lessons, as well as cooking classes.

You can book Peter’s services at Panacea Studio here.

Panacea in High Park

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