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Heloise Chong
Heloise Chong

Working out shouldn’t feel this good, speaks the guilty conscience. There should be more agony, or at least drudgery.

We’ve got it all wrong. The best exercise is when it doesn’t feel like suffering at all.

You may even think you’ve gone to heaven. Heloise, pronounced with the H silent, will take you there.

Don’t think it’s not unwinding the knot that is your body. At 23, Heloise comes out of a competitive gymnastics background. As you can see notably in her Crow’s pose.

The Crow

Diminutive Heloise, with one parent Chinese and the other French, has taught in Hong Kong, China and Toronto.

Heloise defines Namaste, the divine light in me sees the divine in you.

Come take her class at Panacea Studio. It’s┬ádivine.

Ciao, Pietro

Heloise & Vanee

Heloise & Vanee

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