Target Workouts

Meet Doug Duguid. Retired principal and father of 3.

I’ve been training Doug for 5 1/2 years. At 73, Doug’s                                                                   blood pressure is exemplary. He’s gone from 230 lbs to a                                                             very respectable and suitable for his health, 184.

And for appearances sake, in my opinion, better a little robust than wrinkles from getting too skinny.

I put Doug on the spin bike with a weighted vest. Because I’m well acquainted with his medical and workout history, I know the level of exertion he can safely and effectively do. I load him up with 25 pounds on the vest, and after a lengthy warm-up from a seated position, I get him to ride standing up for 5 minute intervals. Carefully monitoring his heart rate.

He’s also suited-up with an inner-tube around his stomach. Strapped in and at my mercy, we target the areas requiring the most impact. Doug comes alone once a week and partners up for his second session.

After the workout we share a few laughs and a delicious and healthy meal.

Aged To Perfection

Feeling good. Looking good. Good health. These are the qualities that supersede all others. Getting your priorities straight is the first step to achieving them.

Set yourself a weekly regime of exercise which is as varied as it is interesting to you. Running with your dog, abs class, yoga, weight-lifting, or best of all, accelerate the process with a personal trainer.

Margaret Gault

I’d like you to meet my mother, Margaret. I won’t tell you her age because I don’t want to die. If you know my age, do the math. She’s the person I’ve trained the longest so I should take at least some of the credit.

She has always worked out vigilantly. And eats well, and makes delicious meals. And enjoys happy hour. And listens, and always contributes something interesting to the conversation.

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