Feeling Fat?

Well you are fat. It’s not your imagination. And it doesn’t get any easier. Be real with yourself. Going into denial only makes matters worse.

A personal trainer is always weighing people, and assessing their body fat percentage People are almost always shocked that they weigh as much as they do. Somehow, despite the obvious, we fool ourselves but nobody else.

One approach is to find people even fatter to “support” us by lying to us and telling us we’re not fat. Or we can tell ourselves we actually prefer to be that way. But without much self-esteem depression always lurks.

The body degenerates quickly, and the consequences become more dire as we age. But the process of regeneration is also rapid. Just by making a consistent effort we start to feel better about ourselves.

Time to get back on track. I’m here to help. Hot yoga is back this Friday, the 4th. And abs on Saturday.

Ciao, Pietro

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