Becoming Aware

Being aware of where your body accumulates stress is the first step toward getting rid of it. As a personal trainer, I’m always amazed at how unaware most people are that the tension in their traps and neck, or solar plexis, or jaw, or lower and upper back, has anything to do with stress. Even though they’re tormented by it.

Clenching is going on. While driving, or riding an elevator or TTC. Your mind is occupied elsewhere, far away, neurotically chewing over some past grudge. Those muscles are locked in the repeatative motion of grinding, grinding, grinding. All we have to do is go, Oh yeah, I’m doing it again. And stop.

For immediate relief try the salt-water hot tub  at Panacea Studio. And lessen your caffeine intake. Or try accupunture or elbow-drilling deep tissue message for those rock-hard bricks where your trapeziums should be.

Hot yoga was at capacity last week. And it will be again this week. Reserve you spot while you still can. The package goes up from 60 to 90 after Wednessday night. Be sure to come in to get the better rate.

Ciao, Pietro

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