Fiber An Undervalued Ally

No denying a glorious bowel movement is close to divine; the lightness of being that follows a welome reprieve from clogged intestines and swollen belly.

Even if you can’t always eat properly or go to the gym, you can empty out the toxic accumulation of waste that rot and fester and turn cancerous in the intestines. Just pound back the Metamucil or herbal fiber.

Most people don’t do nearly enough fiber. And yet the gratification in terms of flattening your stomach are almost immediate, or at least within 24 hours. You could even say it’s the defense we’ve got against the poisonous side affects of constipation, besides eating well and exercise.

Too many of us are constipated for decades and don’t even know it.

Not everyone thrives on it. If you find yourself developing diahrrea it may not be right for you. Perhaps your stools are too loose to begin with. Do it only if you body responds well to it. Use common sense.

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Ciao, Pietro

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