Go Hungry

Try this for a mantra. As you breathe out, say go hungry out loud. Repeat 15 times when you first wake up, or throughout the day at a convenient time.

The addictive mind has amnesia. It has to be reminded not to eat habitually; save your appetite for when you’re actually hungry. If you’re feeling fussy, dissatisfied with available options, put off eating. You’re probably not hungry.

You’ll find you’re inclined to eat less, or put off eating until your body legitimately needs it. Don’t indulge on the first impulse.

It doesn’t matter if you want to loose 5 lbs or 50.  The mind is just a computer. You can program it any way you want. And the body will follow.

So be careful of the words you use. Don’t eat would be putting it negatively. Be positive. Going is being active. Going hungry is all there is too it.

It’s not complicated.

Hot yoga is on tomorrow night.

Ciao, Pietro

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