Setting Dietary Parameters

No matter how many times you fall off the horse. You get back on. Every time you get back on, you get a little stronger. And a little more familiar with the process.

Until suddenly you just get it. It feels like it’s happening of its own accord. You realize a very individual decision, and triumphed over karma and genetic inheritance.

Difference approaches work for different people. Counting calories may work for you. Here’s what’s most effective for me.

Smoothie for breakfast. My kind of smoothie. Just fruit, various leafy greens or cucumber, and water. No protein powder, cartoned orange juice, or anything that’s not fruit or vegetable.

Lunch is the main meal of the day. It should be balanced, satisfying and delicious. Don’t waste caloric intake on something that’s not worth it, like bread, unless it’s something special and fresh.

Diner can only be raw fruit or vegetables. All the carrots you want. All the grapes. Any veggie that catches your eye. A salad.

Here is where the battle is won or lost. Go to bed a little hungry, and you’ll wake up 2 pounds lighter. Use your sleep as a method to knock off the pounds. And in the morning you’ll be and feel thin again.

Keep to that program and you’ll look great.

For gaining weight, do weights, protein shakes and eat more.

And don’t get discouraged. Ciao, Pietro

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