Getting Back On The Horse

A fine line exists between safety considerations and coddling yourself. Ridding yourself of some injures takes ceaseless work for years. And what might seem like a set-back is often just part of that process.

And sometimes a doctor tells someone to quit working out over some health issue, and forgets to untell them. Those long hiatuses from exercise is exactly what the body doesn’t need.

Hypochondriacs often contract the very illness they fear the most. You see this tendency with pople who are extremely fearful of their knees, for example, and invariably create knee problems by avoiding stress in that area.

Knee problems, and not all but a vast majority of ailments of the body, are direct or indirect consequence of a lack of exercise. The same is absolutely true of back problems.

I say with certainty because of all the experience I’ve had with both. 7 spin classes a week, 2 abs classes, chest and legs, hot yoga, hockey, refing, etc etc, some doctors would say I’m crazy. But my knees and back, quite literally, have never felt better.

So my advice, get back on the horse.

Ciao, Pietro

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