Inferared Heaters, No More Boiling Pots On The Stove

I’m in the ideal profession, personal training. I deal in health. And its ancillary by-product, vanity.

Sometimes it takes is a health scare (of yourself or a loved one) to put life in perspective. Then there’s no denying, health is the most valuable commodity on earth. All forms of currency, gold, diamonds, pale in significance.

By reinforcing those values in other people, I am reminding myself. This is what really matters. The time spent on a bike or treadmill or matt or in bed with a compatible partner, whatever creative means you can find to get your  heart rate up to its highest decibels, is what really matters.

… or so those were my thoughts as I installed infarered heaters. Panacea Studio enters the 21st century.

My cat, Ocean, who doesn’t need to practice yoga because he is yoga, luxerates prone under that radiant heat like he’s sunning himself.

You can too.

Ciao, Pietro

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