Putting an End to Back Problems

Most people who suffer from back problems don’t have to. The trick to getting miraculous results is not in the stretching. Although stretching is part of the process along with light cardio to heat up the lower lumbar. The fact is (and it’s a shame not to know this), strength training is what’s most effective. The solution is in building the muscles around the injury.

You may not be able to work the damaged area (or do anything at all) for a day or two or three after the injury. But then therapy is necessary. You can rid yourself of the stiffness and bring relief to chronic back problems (slipped disc, spinal fusion, sciatic) by adding the following quick-to-do exercises to your daily routine.

Super-set crunches with Super-mans. Roll onto your stomach. Raise arms above your head like you’re flying through the air. Lift up your limbs off the floor. Hyper-extend so that only your pelvis is touching the mat. Hold for 30 seconds. Down for 15 seconds. Do 6 sets before going back to your crunches. Do 3 more rounds of 6 set of Super-mans.

Another one. You need a Bosu Ball (one of those 1/2 ball thingies that are flat on one side). Put your pelvis on the Bosu Ball. Have someone hold your feet. Hyper-extend for 30, 50, or 100 reps with hands on chest. Times 3. Now back to your crunches.

One more option. Some of you may know the slanted upright bench just inside System’s in the corner to the left of the cardio area. I call it the Hangover Bench because you hang over it. You may do your obliques on it. Put your pelvis on the pads. Bench over, go down as deep as your back can safely handle, come back up and hyper-extend slightly. Hyper-extend your butt off.

Or, better still, you can hire me. And I’ll show you how.

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