The Queen Mother

Mom, can I say your age in my next blog? I requested tentatively.

Don’t you dare! she warned, pointing her finger at me.

At this stage in life who cares, I argued. What does it really matter? You’ll

My Mom This Past Weekend On Her Pedal Bike
My Mom This Past Weekend On Her Pedal Bike

be an inspiration.

Why should I announce my age just so you can sell personal training?

…Mom, are you ever going to become one of those sweet little old ladies?


So I can’t actually say her age but do the math. I’m of the original Astra Zeneca demographic, the youngest of three, throw in a decade or two, and you’ve just about got it. My mother gives the Queen of England a run for her money.

I started training my mother long before the occupation “personal trainer” existed. She’s always been vigilant in the application of my workout programs. Lately she’s been getting great benefit from chair-yoga but missing the cardiovascular component. The beauty of this practical little space-saving peddle-gizmo is she doesn’t have to leave the house.

Before opening STUDIO 2388 I trained out of gyms. I was always given the older clients as well as men and women of every age category. Probably because I was the oldest trainer. Most of the young jockish trainers exhibited a monistic style likely to kill anyone over 50. Or piss them off. My skill-set was more diversified. And I was aware through experience how delicate the elderly can be, and how you must be super-careful spotting them.

There was a nursing home above the gym. I trained one client to 96 years old. He told me I was the only thing keeping him going. Eventually his dementia got the better of him and he couldn’t remember his appointments. And, believe it or not, I trained someone with a very cogent mind to the ripe old age of 104. He told me he loved his workouts. And wished he discovered working out 60 years ago.

This niche I’m particularly qualified to talk about. I’ve gotten innumerable people off high blood-pressure pills, cholesterol pills, rehabilitated many many knees and hips and spines, kept people alive and, in many cases, dramatically improved the quality of their lives. As long  the mind remains clear the body is capable of regenerating itself to a remarkable extent.

IMG-1104Eating well, and that hour workout almost every morning, is a life-long habit very few of her fellow seniors share. The results speak for themself. The older we get the more vital our physical activities are for decelerating aging. Adapt but don’t ever stop.  Even in hard-times my mother loves life. She makes good decisions when it’s icy, touch wood, patting down a pathway with her boots and tossing out the salt. 

If you’re old, young, or in the middle, let me know when you feel comfortable starting back up again. Let’s enjoy the process. I’ve been vaccinated. I have my mask at the ready. I’m a lean mean cleaning machine. 

Ciao, Pietro


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