That’s right, I said it. You heard me. Don’t kid yourself. While Covid is devastating the obese you’ve been packing on the pounds. Now’s the time to do something about it.fat belly

Some count calories. Some go back to a diet that worked in the past, and tweak it. Others may find themself drawn to a tailor-made dietary program.

The best dieting option will attract you. You have to want to do it. You know when you see it, if you’re looking. Here’s mine. l love this method of accelerating my internal engine because it enhances my enjoyment of life rather than diminishing it. It’s incredibly effective for weight-loss. And profoundly bolstering to your general health.

My approach is based on momentum. Which means you have to do at least as well as you did yesterday. You can do better if you feel like it, and eventually you definitely will feel like it. Just as you do with your workout, you have to commit to the discipline of a minimum requirement.intermittent fasting

You postpone breakfast until noon, for starters. And cap your eating at 7 pm.  I like to start with a 7 hour eating window, for me. That’s leaves a 17 hour fast, transitioning at your own pace to 18 hours. You might want to do a little more or less. You’ll never loose weight if you’re always eating copiously before bed.

You get a cheat night.  A few glasses of wine, perhaps,  followed by an amazing late night snack. But you make up for it the next day. And  since you only get to do this once, maybe twice:) a week, you make sure it’s worth every calorie. I’m not suggesting Kraft Dinner here. You make something delicious that’s not fattening at all. And savour every sip of your favourite imbibement on an empty stomach.

Your morning coffee is sacrosanct. But it’s the only spec of food that crosses your lips until noon.  You may find yourself standing in the kitchen staring at the clock, waiting until the minute hand strikes 12… then is the time to make wise decisions.

Break the fast by going light. Like a smoothie or healthy-type cereal. The best time to workout is at your hungriest, remember, to capitalize on your body’s production of Human Growth Hormone. Your main well-balanced meal of the day is around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, ideally, depending on your schedule. Another smaller meal before the 7 pm cutoff, perhaps.

You become aware throughout the day you’re in calorie-burning mode.  Whenever that happens embrace these bouts and navigate them by slowing them down and speeding them up according to your needs, and achieve true mastery  over your body fat composition. And even, I believe, enhancing longevity by tapping into the life-prolonging mysteries of fasting without the risks.

This is not for everyone. Often people think they can’t do it when in fact they can. I’m a big believer in upping the percentage of raw food during the eating period, especially fruit. And simply getting my head around the idea of going hungry now and then. In fact revelling in the sensation instead of fearing it and avoiding it. Until hunger doesn’t even really feel like hunger any more.

Fasting, however intermittently, detoxes the body, lowers blood pressure, balances blood sugars. It alleviates sluggishness. The results in terms of weight-loss are almost instantaneous, if you’re doing it right. Dramatic weight-loss through dieting alone is dangerous, in my opinion. It must be combined with a sensible and effective exercise program.

Don’t be a statistic: suffering through a massive loss of weight only to drop dead of a heart attack. Do both.

Ciao, Pietro

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