Turning The Corner With Therapeutic Back Exercises

Richard’s stoicism and uncomplaining nature belies a persistent back condition that has trouble him for 18 whole years. Everything decision we make is informed by the state his spine and lower lumbar. For either his primary, secondary, or tertiary muscles.

As a client, Richard is relatively new. But not as a friend. It’s better to deliver results than lofty promises, or create false hope. However, the best thing for post-injury arthritis, or arthritis in general, is the proper exercise. Exercise is the miracle drug. Along with muscle-heating cream, hot tub, butt-warmer in the car, passive therapies such as message  or chiropractic adjustment, whatever else.

The passive therapies only matter if you do the active therapies, I say. Dramatic improvements are attainable. Some of you reading this, clients of mine, have seen dramatic improvement in overcoming back, knee, hip problems, especially after surgery. These powerful transformations are a re-learning process for tendons and bones.

Richard is already finding an improvement in his mobility, at least for the day of his workout if not beyond. He is a morning-person. I train him first thing because that’s what works best for him and his particular malady. We adapt therapeutic back exercises to fit Richard’s unique needs, and those exercises morph again in response to the evolution his body is undergoing

Every hour, timed with precision, conscientious hard-work  IMG_9435professionals like Richard should lie down on the floor for a “quickie” yogic stretching routine. And more importantly, an entire hour workout focused on your priorities, weaknesses, ailments, areas of neglect. And on your strengths too. Don’t let a bad back deprive you of beautifully defined legs, for example. And the benefit of being sturdy on your feet.

The first step to fixing whatever it is, is getting your butt over here.

Cao, Pietro


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