The Seductive Allure

Of yoga.

Come join us online at Facebook Live for Friday Night Yoga, 730 pm. To get there just search my name, Peter Gault. And Saturday Abs Class, 10 am. No charge.

These two classes are the perfect foil. They represent opposites. Yoga is primarily based on the pleasure principle. Those long extended poses can go from pleasure to pain and back again. Or vise versa.

I like to set the stage.Clean, diffuse with lavender, lower the lights. This is the time to forget the debate.  Yoga isn’t about thinking. Anybody can do that. It about releasing judgement, and fostering awareness of your body and beyond.

And you get a deep medicinal stretch. You curl, arch, twist the spine. You open the hips, groin, knees. You create space in the joints. And you do all this by utilizing gravity, and exerting yourself as little as possible.

In Abs Class, I  beat you up, strategically. Don’t expect to be able to do it perfectly your first try. Be patient, make smart decisions. Cheat when you have to. This is something you have to work up to. It will happen. Suddenly, you’ll be able to do the whole thing impeccably.

See you Friday Night. And Saturday morning. Love your neighbour, from a distance:)

Ciao, Pietro

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