Classes Going Online

Yes, yes, I hear yah. Classes are going online.

As of this Saturday, March 28th @ 10 am EST Live on Facebook. Abs Class is free… So if you haven’t already set up your at-home workout space now’s the time. A laptop connected to your TV would be ideal. Or just a computer position on the floor so you can see it from the your mat. Or prop up an IPad.
 Equipment-wise only a mat is required. If you have a dumbbell keep it handy but its not necessary. Abs Class usually includes 3 sets of squats but instead we’ll be doing Isometric Lunges. The smoothie afterwards is up to you.
And we will battle the bulge. All that comfort food is starting to show. Time to do something about it.
Any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Ciao, Pietro
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