Bikini Season

Bikini season is around the corner.  Or should I say Brazilian Thong Season?  How are you feeling about your body?candice-swanepoel-stills-in-bikini-at-a-beach-in-brazil-2017-12-22-07

The body tends to insulate in cold weather. It gets flabby, pasty. You avoid displaying your body publicly. You don’t go near the beach, pool, hot tub, undermining your enjoyment of life.



Unless, of course, you’re been coming to Abs Class religiously. In which case you’re significantly better off. You tend towards your optimum. You may still need to darken, tweak your diet to get at those hard-to-get at places.

And as vain as that might be, there’s nothing like it for your confidence.  And your health. So be vain. Join us for Saturday Abs Class.

And Friday Night yoga, Weightlifting Tuesdays.

Ciao, Pietro

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