Sleep is elusive to many of us normal neurotic urbanites. It may even require artificial pharmaceutical inducement . Or something better health-wise, some vigorous biological function to relax the nervous system. Wink, wink.

Whatever it takes. Now’s the time to indulge those extra Zzzs. Roll over, go back to sleep. Don’t even set the alarm unless absolutely necessary. Sleep is what your body needs to stand up against the invading horde of pathogens.

Image result for picture of grizzly bears winter hibernate

Make like a bear and hibernate. It’s your best defense.  Fortify your immune system with sleep and rest. And after this weekend is the perfect time because there’s no classes next week.

Don’t sleep in this Saturday morning, remember. Classes are on. Friday Yoga celebrates the end of Dry January, hallelujah, then Saturday Abs. The next class after the break is February 11, 14, 15.

Stay healthy, Pietro

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