Finding Adventure Within Structure

Complacency is the real enemy. Complacency in terms of fidelity and variety of your exercise regime.

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It’s always easier to roll over, and go back to sleep. Or get stuck in a specific routine long-past its expiry date.  It’s called plateauing. Fossilizing into a dead thing rather than re-creating yourself into a living growing organism.

That’s why its always a good idea to incorporate a new pose into every Yoga Class, every Abs Class. Or an experimental movement along with the usual go-tos. You adopt a pattern. And then the pattern begins to morph

This spirit of adventure keeps us young. This is how we stay interesting to our children. Not by becoming habituated and predictable in our thinking, diet, political opinions, whatever it is.

Unlock your potential. It starts with the body. But it includes the mind. See you at class.

No classes the first week in February. So get them in while you can.

Ciao, Pietro

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