Redefining Your Mid-section

Thickening with age isn’t inevitable. However you get your cardio, though tennis or hockey, or even Abs Class, isn’t going to completely undo this tendency. You have to get a handle on your diet. And when you lose the handle. You have to find it again.

I believe the body needs to be empty from top to bottom for an extended period every day. The entire length of the alimentary canal. Nothing in the stomach or bowel. It gives your organs an opportunity to shrink back to normalcy, undoing years and eventually decades of being stretched and over-taxed.   

A Perfect Meal
A Perfect Meal
This is powerful information if you ask me. It unlocks the wisdom of the ages. It expands life expectancy. You feel good in your bathing suit again. Your body wants to do it once it starts. Every day you struggle with this a little bit. Just like you struggle on the bike, matt, bench.
And if you do, you’ll get the body you’ve always dreamt of. And more years to enjoy it.
Come to class! Ciao, Pietro
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