Mind-body Connection

Teaching yoga has had the unintended consequence of enriching all of my other classes. Spin, Abs, Weight-lifting. And it has enhanced my personal training, too. It’s taken everything to a whole new level.

The reason? Not only does it give you more tools in your exercise toolkit, but it brings out a more conscious meditative perspective to any and all workouts. And grounds you and brings you back to reality, your breath.

The penchant for restorative poses and extended strategic stretches is calming to the nervous system. Or should be. Yes, your hips, hamstrings, lower back, primary and secondary muscles, regaining and retaining youthful pliability.

Ian Finding His Balance
Ian Finding His Balance

I leave the subtle muscle groups to Ian:) He could charm the birds from the trees. Come bask in the glow of his warmth tonight, and benefit from the breadth and depth of his knowledge of yoga in all its genres and manifestations. 

Ian with an old friend
Ian with an old friend


Last week of classes before our vacation. Congratulations, my dear friends and neighbours, you’ve got a whole week off. Do something, will you, a plank a day, pigeon, touch your toes… next class after this weekend is Weight-lifting Tuesday on April 9.

One more weekend. Abs is on.  Ciao, Pietro


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