The Buddy System

You probably noticed this hunky guy in the front row at Abs Class.

One of the initial recruits from Spin Class at Systems Fitness, Owen has always been supportive of what we do here at Studio 2388. Even trudging through the snow on blisteringly cold nights for Weight-lifting Tuesdays. After a long days work. That’s right, he often walks all the way from the Queensway.Lat Pulls by Owen

We respect his dedication. And appreciate his good-natured companionship. He’s one of the few who keeps pace every step of the way. Even those nasty modifications to the plank, making an already painful situation even more agonizing. He’s learned to love that sweet agony. And makes abs work a priority along with cardio, strength training, and stretching when he can and has to.

Owen, leg-and-glut dominate through genetics, has begun to develop a powerful upper body to go with the lower. The two of us are neck-and-neck on the squat rack. Doing squats alone is not ideal. It’s safer, and certainly more fun, under the encouragement and watchful eye of a spotter. That friendship becomes part of the reason you get there.

If alone be conservative, and drop weight in favour of more reps. Know your limit, and stay well within it. It happens, knees buckle. You can lurch forward or back. Better just to do other things until you have that person to back you up. Taking precautions is why I’ve had remarkably few injuries in my classes over the years and decades, touch wood.  And the injuries have been just the normal minor pulls and strains you recover from quickly.

Owen & daughter @ Saturday Abs Class.
Owen & daughter @ Saturday Abs Class.

Owen lives with his wife, Vicky, and his two beautiful kids. He coaches his ten-year-old son’s hockey at George Bell, conveniently. And his daughter, Sydney, 12, with her natural athletism, has even joined his father for Abs Class on occasion.

Setting a great example. Ciao, Pietro



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