The gluts are your money-maker. Not your intellect. Sorry to say.

Sometimes I like to joke with my wife, I married you for your butt. I’m a butt-man. Butts are my business. I’m a butt-expert. I can create the perfect butt with my personal training skills. And results come almost immediately.

But vanity isn’t the most important reason for doing squats. Nor the surge to your libido. The secret weapon to fixing lower back issues permanently, in my opinion, is the gluts. The lower body stabilizes, ensures your mobility into old age.

Maritere Doing Squats
Maritere Doing Squats

Not, however, without doing some form of yoga. As you strengthen, you have to do the stretching component. Do not gamble with this forever because sooner or later you will develop a chronic injury!

In yoga you practice de-stressing techniques while holding postures. And for many, if not most of the people who consistently show up for yoga it’s the process of calming the nervous that they keep coming back for. That’s what most of us, with our busy urban lives, really need.

Ian Tuning Up
Ian Tuning Up

Here at Studio 2388,  the atmosphere facilitates that experience. Which includes infrared heat, and a smoothie which is perhaps the healthiest thing you can put in your body, and everyone agrees is delicious.

Ian is teaching Friday Night Yoga. He will be back from his Yoga Retreat in the Dominican Republic. Come say hi. Relax, have an exquisite stretch.

Don’t forget The Free Spin at Generator this Monday, March 4, at 530 pm. My debut for a regular class going forward. No charge for mi amigos. Email me back to sign up.

Ciao, Pietro


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