Free Spin

Get your cardio done! Monday, March 4, 5:30 pm.

Enhance your biking skills and conditioning. Improve your performance on the road with off-road training. Or just have a good time burning calories.

This isn’t your average spin class…  this is an epiphanySPIN1 for both the novice and experienced rider alike. Develop the tools that will catapult your riding prowess, or take a moderate pace through scenic mountainous terrain.

Come join us for a free spin at Generate in Bloor Village. Generate is one block east of Runnymede on the south side of Bloor, on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Tons of windows and light, immaculately clean. No bike graveyard in the corner like some places I know.

Just let me know if you want to come. I’ll GENERATEput your name on a list at the front, to reserve a bike… and let’s dance!

It’s all about the pleasure principle at Friday Night Yoga. And the good-pain principle in Abs, Weight-lifting Class. Don’t forget:)

Ciao, Pietro


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