Going With Seasonal Fluctuations

January is a month of sobriety for many of us here at Studio 2388, and around the world. One day to go before swilling a tall golden effervescent brew!

Come join me for one after yoga some Friday Night, if you don’t already! For the non-drinkers or people who prefer to go clean in February because there are fewer days in the month, we have plenty of soda water on hand.

By the end of December you’ve had it with eating and drinking. You’re ready for abstinence if only to enjoy your vices again. Give your sadly abused liver some love!

Cutting Up
Cutting Up

Loosing 7 lbs was an unintended consequence of a month off, for me. And a nice boost to the pocketbook. I’m starting to get more vigilant about Intermittent fasting, stepping up towards the minimal goal of 18 hours a day.

Your body begins to crave fasting just as it craves exercise. You absolutely shred fat this way. Fasting is a powerful skill anyone can learn. Eat well, but learn to appreciate the sensation of an empty body.

Fasting, done properly, is ancient wisdom. And the spring is all about Spring Cleaning, inside the body. Everyday completely evacuate the bowels. And stay empty for a while.

Patiently Perfectly Abs
Patiently Perfectly Abs

It’s not for everyone, use common sense. All these disciplines of eating and working out, and the enjoyment of life, are the best chance we got for longevity and quality-of-life.

See you over a smoothie. Don’t forget your yoga, abs, weight-lifting, personal training… Ciao, Pietro

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