The Couple’s Workout

George drove by the studio for a while before dropping by and inquiring about personal training and the classes. He decided to do both. The personal training prepared him to do the classes safely and effectively. 

Under the structure, support and encouragement of a personal trainer things start happening almost immediately in the body, if the process is allowed to happen. Change comes quickly, the transformation accellerated. For George, it took less time than most to reduce and soon obliterate his spare tire. And begin filling out in the right places.
Witnessing a transformation, at any pace, is a wonderful

Couples Workout
Couples Workout

part of my job. And George is easy to communicate with, and a pleasure to train. His blossoming confidence manifested itself in his well-matched partner, and identical twin, Clare. Together they are doing Couple’s Workout.

Good Team-work George Clare Peter
Good Team-work George Clare Peter

Couple’s Workout is a way to make the workout more fun in combination with your significant other. Getting on board together is a power force. Especially if you’re still in the early mushy stages:) Clare’s steady progress firming up is tangible. 

The Couple’s Workout reduces cost. As do interspersing the classes, at $7 per class with 10-pack.   
Ian is teaching yoga tonight. Don’t forget to checkin. Ciao, Pietro








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