Your body’s Potential

Weight Lifting Tuesdays is a small enough class for some personalized training. Resistance training is an opportunity to imbue your body with almost supernatural powers. And it doesn’t take long for amazing benefits to accrue.

Your power of movement under duress far exceeds someone of a commensurate age. You begin to discover the miraculous potential of your body.

Weight Lifting Tuesdays
Weight Lifting Tuesdays

You can take a blow like never before. A fall. A sudden jolt. What would once hospitalize you, you hardly feel.

I’ve witnessed this again and again with myself as well as others. The fragility of aging is slowed to a halt, and reversed!

Getting lean and fit and buff looks good, feels good. I’d even go so far as to say you can’t be happy without it. It’ll carry you a long way into old age, and give you a good time along the way.

You may say, hey my top priority is stretching right now, then come to yoga with Ian tonight. You’ll be glad you did! Or maybe you’re rightfully concerned about that ballooning gut. Come to Abs Class this Saturday.

Ciao, Pietro (my alter-ego)


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