Learning A Useful Tool

Curling, arching, twisting should be done almost daily, or at least whenever that all-too-familiar stiffness creeps into the spine.

The other areas of primary focus are hamstrings, groin and hips. And calves. You may work on these issues while standing at your computer, or waiting for the subway.stretch

Daily stretches rarely last more than 5 minutes. They are superficial but take the edge off. One full yoga class a week is required to make any real progress. Then those quickies on the road take on a real significance.

Yoga isn’t just about limber joins. It’s about calming the nervous system. You learn a tool for unwinding anxiety. You learn to breathe, meditation. You step back from the assertive pursuits of life, and experience acceptance and receptivity.

Yoga is a healing art. And a science. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure.

Ciao, Pietro

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