Training for Seniors and the Middle Aged

Training seniors and the middle aged is one of the most gratifying aspects of what I do. The dramatic difference it makes is astounding.  It restores your mobility and in some cases, it can save your life.

My mother has always welcomed input on her exercise, diet and health regimes.  And she’s open-minded and receptive to new challenges. Her youthful spirit keeps her remarkably younger than her numerical age may suggest. Both physically and mentally.

Don’t ask her age. Sorry Mom.

I’ve trained a man who is 104, he’s still going strong. I regularly train people over 90, and right now more than half of my clients are over 50.

If you’re approaching 50 and you don’t have exercise habits, it’s going to start catching up with you in a big way. Here are some baby steps:

  • Walkingis not enough, as helpful as it is for gently exerting the heart. Weightgain and muscle atrophy can make you susceptible to falls. Broken bones don’t heal so easily any more. Especially for someone who is mostly sedentary.
  • Resistance training pays great dividends for anyone over 60. Not only because it builds strong muscles, but because it builds strong bones too. Done properly it does wonders for osteoporosis, arthritis, blood pressure, everything.
  • A lack of flexibility and rigidity in the spine and hips will develop. Trying to touch your toes every few weeks isn’t going to prevent that. I recommend hot yoga. For seniors with high blood pressure, you may want to do yoga in a warm room, not hot. A group atmosphere is ideal for its structure and camaraderie.

Here at Panacea we do a weekly Hot yoga class every Tuesday night at 7:30, taught by Niki Ainslie. Afterwards, the class enjoys complimentary iced tea and organic snacks.

Click here to book or call 416-570-7111
Additional weekly yoga classes coming soon.

2388 St. Clair Avenue W. (St. Clair and Runnymede)

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