Outside The Box

The Panacea model is simple. Fill the gaps other gyms and studios aren’t providing. And for a fair price. We have the competitive advantage of low overhead because the studio is in our home.

No one was providing a serious Abs Class. That need is most people’s highest priority, and yet the most neglected Barbell Hip Thrustarea of the body. Something more transformative than the average pilates class was in demand.

I’ve never seen Weight-lifting Classes like we have at Panacea, specializing in lower-body (squats) and upper-body (bench press). Don’t think this is for meat-heads. It’s more important for the middle-aged and beyond to improve and maintain optimum mobility. And to look good!pt3

And yoga too, we innovate. We bring out the inversion table on occasion, which I’ve never seen at any yoga class. Long lingering restorative postures to guided meditations, instilling pliability of body and mental calm.

For Personal Training, we provide greater depth in a wider range of disciplines. Whether to raise your game to the level of safely participating in the classes, or for targeting your specific requirements and issues as directly as possible. And accelerating your progress.

Oh yeah, our smoothies at the end of class are included. This the most delicious and healthy thing you can put in your body. Try find that anywhere else.  

Ciao, Pietro


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