Power & Grace

Got a thing for men in tights? For glutes, thighs, and biceps? You should!  Don’t miss the Superbowl this Sunday for the biggest spectacle in sport. And Justin Timberlake at half-time.

Physical specimens like these are the natural consequence of weight-lifting. Add in yoga and the magic happens. As powerful as these athletes

New England Patriots
New England Patriots

are, their flexibility gives them the fluidity to slither through a wall of bone and meat. Launching themselves airborne over anything they can’t go around or catch.

Without injury to a surprising degree. Let this football game inspire you. You too can be poetry-in-motion in your own way. Don’t let your limbs be whittled down to sticks that can barely function. Barely lift you

Philadelphia Eagles
Philadelphia Eagles

out of a chair and open a door.

That’s not age as people often say. That’s accumulated neglect coming to its logical conclusion. Be like those athletes on the field. Make an honest and interesting combination of workouts part of your daily life. Do it for yourself and your loved ones, and the people who want to keep you around.

Friday Night Yoga is the best way to start your weekend. Looking forward to seeing you.

Ciao, your patiently persistent trainer, Pietro


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