Going Deeper

The evolution of your workout eventually comes to this. It doesn’t matter what your entry point is.

You may start with cardio. Adding in a weight-lifting program, including squats for the lower body, bench press for the upper body.DSC_0271

Suddenly you realise, your abs are sadly neglected. That’s a whole other universe to explore.  And then you’re emphatically told about yoga, with all its blessings.

Then what? Eventually you come to the secondary muscles: Lats, Delts, Bis, Tris, Traps. You apply the chisel, sculpting your own body.  Rectifying your imbalances.

No ABS Class this Saturday. Yoga is a-go this Friday night with Ian. Please let me know if you can make it, or not. Heavy Lifting Tuesdays is business as usual.

Ciao, Pietro

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