Creating The Upside-down Habit

It quite literally makes you taller if you use the inversion table regularly. And substantially so.  Decompress the spine. Improve alignment. Assist the bursa by flipping the impact of gravity.


20160520_210142_resized (1)And the flood of blood to the brain has profound benefits – according to ancient sages, and modern science. Height-loss as we age can be reversed by customizing the body to hanging upside down.

The inversion table is just one of many posture at Yogic Stretching Drills. We favour long extended pleasurable stretches.   It’s Friday night, after all. These lengthier stretches not only feel good but powerfully affective.

See you tonight at Panacea Studio, 730 pm.  Sat Abs and Heavy Lifting Tuesday.


Ciao, Pietro

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