The Importance Of Doing Squats

Squats are thee most important exercise you can do.

Without them, your connection to the earth, and your mobility, becomes increasingly fragile, compromised. Senors are vulnerable to falls due to gaining a few pounds. And from the inevitable atrophying of the quadriceps, hamstrings, and gluts that occurs with people who don’t consciously work these large and vital muscle-masses.

With them, you are grounded, stable, confident. Someone bumps into you, you smile. You’re not a disaster waiting to happen.

Men, as they age, tend to get skinny legs, and loose their butt. Women tend to get big in the butt. The antidote for both sexes is the same, squats.

Especially hockey players have no future in the game without doing squats. You simply won’t survive at the higher level. You won’t have the skating power, and you’ll get knocked over too easily.

So do your squats twice a week! Old and young!

We do them at every Abs class. At every Hockey Yoga class. The benefits are profound. Come join us. At $6 a class, including a delicious smoothie, it really is the best deal in town.

Ciao, Pietro

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