Trim Your Gray Bush

This is referring to men’s chest hair. But any gray bush on any part of your anatomy, will do.

Sure, exercise and diet are the bedrock of looking and feeling good, but proper grooming is the icing on the cake. The grisly-gray-nub-look makes you look 20 years older.

The shaven-chest-look is good if you have the chest for it and can pull it of. But it feels like sandpaper, I’m told. Some women prefer a man to look like a man.

Get yourself one of those electric shavers you see at the saloon. Trimmed chest-hair not only looks good, it feels good. Watch the years fall off. Find yourself a place to do it with good lighting.

We like to do ours in the front vestibule of the house because the lighting is excellent compare to the dull lighting in the bathroom. You can see us in window if you’re driving by on St. Clair Ave:)

Here the deal with the summer schedule:

Abs class, with its robust following, will only close down for the month of Aug. It’ll be back up and running in Sept.

Yoga class is presently still going. But if attendance is slackens I will suspend the class until Sept for a fresh start. So come out if want them to continue.

Let me know where you’re at?

Ciao, Pipeto

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