Hockey Yoga

Be a little hungry all the time. If you can master the skill of being a little hungry always, and to quit eating just before you’re full, you’ll never have a weight problem. And you’ll experience many health benefits.

When a little hungry you’re in calorie burn mode. Many of us have a primal fear of this. It challenges our security. Residing on the borderline of security is actually the only real security we can have. Which seems counter-intuitive.

Be a little hungry. But don’t go into starvation mode because that’s when you do something stupid. Like downing a pizza before bed, or reloading your plate.

By learning this simple skill, you pass it on to your offspring.

Hockey yoga is coming Feb. 7. Taught by yours truly. It includes the Inversion Table for willing participants, aromatherapy, and incorporates stretching drills with regular yoga poses. Rest a assured, we languish in long lingering restorative postures. And, of course, the signature smoothie.

Work your spine back to an effortless Bridge.

This Friday it’s the hypnotic Heloise. Let me know you’re coming if you haven’t already.

Ciao, Pietro

Panacea Studio
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