Better In Bed

How often does life do what we expect? Almost never, life surprises. It morphs. That’s the wonder and beauty of it. And if we are to survive, we must morph with it.

Adaptability, flexibility, these are the principles yoga is built on. Going with the flow starts with the body, before embracing the heart and mind.

For inexorable youthfulness, you have to do something every day. Yoga is part of any exercise regiment. And what an enlivening and calming experience it can be.

The room is heated. But we wouldn’t call it Hot Yoga. More like Warm Yoga. Here, at Panacea Studio, we attempt to be graceful, tightrope-walking between pleasure and pain.

The evening includes aromatherapy, meditation and the art of stretching. And our signature smoothie. The smoothie alone is worth the price of admission.

Coming soon, the Yoga-At-Panacea youtube video!!!

Yoga classes start back Friday, September 27, 730 pm
Abs every Saturday at 10 pm

Can’t wait to see you. Cao, Pietro

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