I Want YOU

I Want YOU

Don’t be afraid. I know you’ve been slacking off? You’re forgiven. All that matters now is what you do going forward. A whole new routine if you desire. Once again, or perhaps for the first time, recreate yourself.

I’m just a catalyst. I propel you toward looking better, feeling better, moving better. I cast you into a younger, stronger, more flexible

Lorenzo at 16
Lorenzo at 16

version of yourself. It’s the best chance you’ve got to survive if you think about it, as immodest as that sounds.

With regular consistent exercise comes other good habits. Try my Immunity Building Supplement Regiment. Nothing is forever, remember. You do this for a period of time, say 6 weeks to 3 months, and then do something else.

Here’s my recipe. And rationale.

1) A table spoon of olive oil, twice a day. Or fish oil,  Omega-3 oil, coconut oil. I’m using olive oil because I happen to have a copious supply of incredible olive oil directly from Pretina, Greece, at the moment.

Just like a car engine the human body needs oil. Especially in the winter to moisturized yourself from the inside out. Great for the joints, arthritis and heart. Lubricate the alimentary canal from top to bottom.  Combined with fiber for the constipation-inclined, it’s poetry in motion.

2) 1000 mg of Vitamin “C” a day, preferably the absorbable kind. I like to do enough to turn my urine luminous, and then back off. Every time I’m feeling rundown I do this. The results are tangible. If I really want to get serious I chomp on raw garlic and ginger ritualistically.

3) Tumeric in capsules for brain health. Because of the tumeric in curry, India has remarkably little dementia. The brain is the most important survival tool we have, try not to loose it.

4) Quercetin in capsules. This was recommended as prophylactic against Covid. I can’t say with scientific certainty but my families has been using it and nobody has gotten sick. You might want to look it up.

I’m a big believer in a supplement regime. Get creative in filling your nutritional gaps. If at all possible, if in commutable range, come see me. And commence the most important work you can do.

The lock-down is over on Feb 22. Get off the couch! Ciao, Pietro

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