Waiting For The Signs

Tanya is back to personal training after the lock-down. She’s been keeping up with cardio and stretching, but the missing link is resistance training.

Nothing more effective for sculpting the body than weight-lifting. The impact is felt immediately. Results are dramatic, tangible, and clearly visible. You can focus on your weaknesses and hit those targeted areas. You know where those places are, if you are a woman or a personal trainer who has spent a big chunk of his life training women.
Tanya is no newbie. She’s dedicated to her workout. And knows more about what she needs and doesn’t need than most. She’s been training with me and coming to my classes for about, let’s see,14 years I’d say.
tanya blog picI started training her at a neighbourhood gym way back in the day. Only to discover she just bought a house just down the street from the house I just bought. It was meant to be. She’s been supportive of me from the beginning. And I appreciate it.
Over the years it’s naturally evolved that my regulars have become close friends. I’m truly blessed to work with and for people I really really like. Who I enjoy talking to and hanging with even outside the studio.   
Personal Training isn’t just about good company. It’s about perfecting form to minimize risk of injury and maximize effectiveness. Doing squats in a way that protects a vulnerable back. Barbel curls and bench press and especially squats gives you a heart strength you don’t get from cardio. Enjoying doing it is half the battle. 
Classes, like the world itself, are hanging in limbo right now. But that will change sooner than you think, in my opinion, Much sooner. So don’t be surprised, be ready. I’m waiting for the signs. In the meantime, try Personal training. I’ll wear my mask.
Ciao, Pietro
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