Battling Complacency

We’re going to hold off on the Workout At The Park. Let’s keep it at home for now.

Find ways to give yourself the optimum amount, and optimum diversity, of exercise. Whatever way you can manage to do it, whatever works for you, Classes are one. Hockey night, bonding with your grandson on the golf course, charity bike-rides with friends.

Squating With Jackfruit
Squating With Jackfruit
Being active in life is one way. But that alone won’t get you there. To a place of unwinding the biological time clock, defying the aging process. The body is capable of miraculous regeneration, I believe. You’ve seen this in people who maintain a profession-athlete level of fitness throughout their life. You look at them and think, holy cow how is that even possible! 
My job is to remind you it is possible. It’s absolutely possible. Another aspect to increasing longevity and quality of life, in my opinion, is being empty for an extended period of time during the day or night. This emptiness of the bowels, the stomach, the entire alimentary canal, is the secret sauce. Some call it Intermittent Fasting.    
See you tonight for Friday Night Yoga, 730 pm, on Facebook Live. And Saturday Abs Class.
Hasta luego!
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