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It’s amazing the jolt you get from a week of relaxation in the sun. Physically, mentally, in terms of your immune system, you feel like you have almost supernatural endurance.

Provided, of course, you’re coming out a vigorous daily regiment of workout classes and exercise. If you’re a fitness instructor vacations are a time to step off the hamster wheel. And the energy usually reserved for repairing the body floods back into the reserve bank.

You come back stronger. Look at Sidney Crosby’s triumphant return from injury this season. He’s on fire from the rest he was forced to Sidneytake. So much so his team goes a winning streak. One year he won the Stanley Cup due to a timely injury, teeing him up for the playoffs.

Not to suggest I’m Sidney Crosby. Though the similarities are obvious:) All the best developments in my game have come directly following a break in the fray, and returning with a fresh perspective.

Come re-create yourself tonight at Weight-lifting Tuesdays. Don’t forget Friday Night Yoga, you need that. Make the most neglected part of you body the primary focus @ Saturday Abs.

Ciao, Pietro

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